12 Ornamental Grass Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Lush landscaped garden with flowerbed and colorful plantsGrass doesn’t have to refer to a lawn. Ornamental grasses, those tall, graceful plants that ripple in a summer breeze, add texture and color to your gardens.

These grass plants grow under a range of conditions. Check each grass before planting, but many like sunny positions in moist soil.

Read on to discover 12 grasses that can improve your landscaping.

1. Fountaingrass

This soft grass plant forms mounds. It works well with bold plants like lavender or hydrangea.

Mix and match fountaingrass with tall, upright grass plants like switchgrass for interesting textures.

2. Maidengrass

Allergic to bee stings? Choose grasses that don’t bloom since they won’t attract bees.

Maidengrass is a great option. Plant it around hardscaping areas to soften the effect. It’s great for adding interest to swimming pool edges.

3. Golden Sedge

Mix frothy, soft grasses with tidy hedges like boxwood. The combination of tight grasses and clipped hedges works well in knot gardens.

4. Blue Fescue

Not all grass plants give huge bouquets of grass. Smaller varieties, like blue fescue, make excellent border plants. Plant them close together in a line to edge a flower bed.

5. Purple Millet

Want something a little more structural? Purple Millet combines burgundy foliage with fuzzy purple spikes.

They’re great for attracting birds and they’re also very tough annual plants.

6. Feather Reedgrass

Do you have a vegetable garden? Add grasses that form clumps to add interest to your vegetables.

Feather reedgrass looks majestic against leafy plants like eggplants or kale.

7. Cordgrass

Do you have a pond or stream in your garden? Cordgrass could be a good choice.

Native to North America, it loves moist and wet soils. It’s great for growing alongside water.

8. Bluestem

Want to cover a boring view? Tallgrass plants like bluestem make an ideal screen.

Just remember you need to cut grasses back in spring. You’ll lose your screen for a couple of months.

But they’ll look great in the fall with their seed heads and fall colors.

9. Switchgrass

The fluffy plumes of switchgrass make this a great plant for sunny or partly shaded areas.

Plant the Dallas Blues variety for amazing fall shades of red and gold.

It’s native to North America so it’s also a good for wildlife.

10. Blue Oat Grass

This plant is perfect for smaller gardens. It grows in mounds, making it a good candidate for containers. Blue oat grass won’t take over the garden.

11. Japanese Forestgrass

Does your garden have shady corners that you want to brighten up? The bright foliage of Japanese Forestgrass might be a good choice.

It likes partial shade and its low height makes it the perfect option for edges and borders.

12. Ravenna Grass

Want a plant that grows fast and acts as a natural screen? The tall plumes of Ravenna grass might be the best option for you.

It can top 10 feet and looks beautiful in the fall.

These Grass Plants Can Boost the Beauty of Your Garden.

Check the growing conditions in your garden before you start adding new plants. You’ll enjoy them for longer if you plant them in a spot they’ll love.

Looking for help planting and maintaining these beautiful additions to your garden? Contact us to learn how Blue Landscaping and Blue Outdoor Solutions can help.


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